Moving to Open Society, and keeping fortnotes

UPDATE April 2013: Oh dear. No fortnotes, and it’s a good 10 months since then. Maybe it’s easier to aim for yearnotes…

A couple of Mondays ago I started work as a Program Officer in the Media Program at the Open Society Foundation in London. After a decade or more working largely for civil society groups, moving to work for one of the world’s most influential philanthropic organisations is both an exciting new challenge and a privilege.

As part of helping me get my bearings, I’m going to try to keep regular notes on this blog (taking a realism cue from Roo Reynolds, fortnotes rather than weeknotes) on what I’ve been up to and what I am learning. If this has any use or relevance for others, then so much the better. (I tried this once before, but it proved harder as a freelancer than I hoped.)

I’ll include a selection of:
– people and organisations I meet and learn about
– trends, ideas or terminology I encounter or research
– new research that I find useful (you can also find lots of what I encounter on Tumblr and pinboard)
– tools or other things that help me in my work

I will not breach any security, confidentiality or privacy, and, before you ask, no, I won’t be talking about anything to do with OSF funding or internal matters. As ever, what I do post is going to be a personal lens on my work, and, as you’ll be accustomed to reading all over the shop by now, does not represent or claim to represent my employer’s perspective.


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