The rapid global and regional uptake of smartphones has changed the way people communicate and use the internet. This will transform all other industries. A new phase of rapidly diversifying smartphone use has emerged, as consumers are increasingly able to personalize the content they access. Across society people are looking for mobile innovations to improve their everyday lives.

Sub-Saharan mobile consumers use their devices throughout the day and in different locations and for a broad range of activities. The growing trend for anytime, anywhere access to services and features is a key driver of mobile broadband use in the region. In fact, mobile broadband is now the primary way that many Sub-Saharan consumers access the internet. 70 percent of mobile users in the countries researched in the region browse the web on their devices, in comparison to 6 percent who use desktop computers.

As telecommunication technologies become a central part in the way
businesses and society function, key stakeholders in the region such as government and network providers need to put resources in place that assist in dealing with consumer demand. More spectrum will need to be allocated to support networks, as their capacity is not growing as fast as the increase in data traffic.

Ericsson Mobility Report – Appendix on Sub-Saharan Africa

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