The UK media is still dominated by sexist stereotypes and run by male journalists, according to a front page story in the Guardian on Monday. Using figures from a new study released by Women In Journalism, the Guardian created an infographic from data gathered by analyzing nine UK newspapers over the course of four weeks. In that time, across titles, 78 percent of all front page articles were written by men.

The Financial Times came out on top of the “quality press” or broadsheets with 34 percent of its front page articles written by women (The Daily Express, a tabloid, was top overall with 50 percent of front page bylines belonging to women). Meanwhile The Independent lagged behind, with only 9 percent of its 70 front-page articles written by women across the four weeks of the study.

Inequality extends to the content of those stories, too. Of 668 people quoted across titles, 83 percent were men, the study said.

Alongside this, worth noting an interesting group in the UK called Sound Women, specifically addressing many of these issues in the context of radio.

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