The present study is focused on the role of the Minorities’ Press in Pakistan in covering the terrorism issue from September 2001 to December 2006. The Minorities’ Press includes the newspapers and magazines of Christians, Ahmedi’s (Qadianis), Hindu religion, Parsi religion and Bhai’s religion. The theoretical framework refers to the Agenda Setting Theory as the study intends to gauge the ‘Media Agenda’ of the minorities in Pakistan. The content analysis method was used to analyze the contents of the editorials and articles of the selected Minorities’ Press. The findings showed that overall the Minorities’ Press supported the government’s policy on war against terrorism and the Christian press was seen more active in this regard as compared to the rest of the newspapers and magazines of the minorities.

Paper by Pakistani researcher Zahid Yousaf: “These minorities’ based media organizations are freely covering the issues according to their own interests and likings. No governmental or State pressure is observed for the minority media so, minorities’ media is also enjoying the freedom of press in Pakistan.”

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