China and Africa have intensified cooperation in press and media in recent years, in an attempt to break the perceived monopoly of the Western media in the global news market.

Deputy Editor-in-chief of China Radio International Ma Weigong says the two sides have established direct channels to acquire information about each other after years of media cooperation.

“There are no major changes in global media structure as Chinese media just started to increase our voice. It is a gradual process that takes time. We need to pay attention to the effect of the programs we broadcast, which should make Africans closer to the reality in China. ”

According to Happison Muchechetere, the CEO of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, Chinese media presence in Africa makes the voice more balanced on the continent.

“We showed what the colonizers wanted us to see, think, sleep, eat and behave like them. The Chinese don’t do that. They come with a win-win situation. Before, we only heard about the BBC and what they think about Africa, their own interest. But now there is the other voice, there is another side of the story.”


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