Anyone reading this book to understand more about the internet’s role in the media landscape may be disappointed. However, anyone reading this book for that reason alone will have missed the larger picture. The enormous challenge of integrating competing information sources, regulatory schemes, and international legal codes has been catalyzed by the internet, and solutions must address all of these factors.
This less pragmatic approach permits even the most seasoned expert to review the foundation on which decisions should be made at a crucial turning point in media policy. Rather than analyzing the landscape as it is, his guidelines and argument lead the reader to valuably ask, ‘What do we want the new landscape to look like?’ In the final chapter, Iosifidis contextualizes a range of options such as self-regulation and co-regulation with issues such as copyright law and freedom of expression. While the treatment is not analytical, it is prescriptive in a way which will definitely speak to public interest advocates and to the next generation of strategists who have come of age with new media.


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