I’ve been doing research mostly in southern Africa, in South Africa and Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and then with a couple of colleagues, I’ve been following their research in Zambia and Botswana.It’s very clear that reactions to Chinese are quite mixed. And it depends on a number of circumstances. In smaller countries, where there’re increasing numbers of Chinese retailers, in particular, or poor Chinese labour practices, as is the case in Zambia, there does tend to be quite a lot of anti-Chinese sentiment building up. But in places like South Africa, which has probably the largest economy on the continent, as well as a history of Chinese in the country, there is alot less anti-Chinese sentiment, and in fact, many people are quite appreciative of the fact that Chinese goods are widely available and more affordable, that there are Chinese shops and other premises that are opening up and providing jobs.

China in Africa – How do the locals really feel? | Asia Pacific | ABC Radio Australia – Sen Lam of ABC Australia interviews Dr Yoon Jung Park of Rhodes University, South Africa

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