On writing more, less

Amid all the recent panic in the Twitterverse regarding Yahoo’s leaked plan to (so it seemed at the time) shut down delicious, one tweet had me blushing in shame:

Anil Dash's tweet on bloggers who rely on auto-posting from delicious

Yep, I’m that guy.

I used to use delicious obsessively, to the point where I was collecting more links than I would ever know what to do with in the future.  And then I started using a Twitter app that could automatically turn your tweets that include links into delicious bookmarks.  Even easier, and used even more carelessly.  This would be fine if I were just posting directly to delicious, but no.  I have, for a couple of years now, auto-posted from delicious to this blog.  And I have nigh on 300 450 such auto-posts.  And by and large, they aren’t worth a damn.

So from now on, I’ll be turning off the auto-posting, and trying to write one post a week (starting out with something like BERG’s weeknotes), with one a month being something a bit more substantial (again prompted by Anil).  It’s going to be clunky and perhaps a little prolix to begin with – I’m a bit rusty, and reflexively editorial.  Ethan Zuckerman once told me he blogs reflexively – I’m some distance from that level.  That said, I’m making a start, and I hope it’ll get better and more useful, regular and readable with time and perseverance.  Failing that, I’m warning me, young man, I’ll take my doll’s house to the Salvation Army…

UPDATE: I’ve now hidden all the delicious-generated posts, and deleted some stray duplicates, which leaves this blog at just 90 posts…  More sheepishness.  I’ll go back through them, and delete all those that provide little or no added value, and I’ll continue importing from the editorial blogs I have written for.  I’ve added in a couple of clarifications above too, to tie my hands even more.

ANOTHER UPDATE: It’s March, and I’ve written more than I expected, but I am still a bit behind on starting these weeknotes. Soon, though.


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