links for 2009-10-05

  • Nice chart showing when particular technologies came in…
  • Via @CharlieBeckett "News International has unveiled a new model for The Times and The Sunday Times newspapers with the launch of a membership scheme that gives readers access to exclusive events and special offers in return for a £50 annual fee. The initiative, called Times +, is a strategic shift for News International, the publisher of both papers, which is seeking new ways to charge its readers amid weak advertising markets and declines in print circulation."
  • "The Anti-Mass Atrocities Mapping Project is an important, high-impact action learning project designed to support strategic interventions to end mass violence and atrocities. With support from Humanity United, iScale is leading this innovative project to identify and engage global leaders in clear, systematic and strategic action to address these complex issues. By engaging with actors in the anti-atrocities space iScale is able to gather data and draw on principles of social network analysis to identify central players, unusual suspects and potential innovators working on issues related to mass violence and atrocities. This information further enables iScale to produce visual network maps that provide a picture or map, of the connectivity, prominence, influence and potential roles of actors the anti-atrocities space. The analysis and accompanying maps offer a unique tool that can contribute to the strategic development of organizations working to end mass violence and atrocities."

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