Multimedia Reporting – Behind the scenes at a MediaStorm workshop

[Cross-posted from the WITNESS Hub Blog.]

As part of our work at WITNESS we conduct trainings preparing advocates to be able to shoot, edit and distribute video for effective human rights advocacy (watch some participant interviews).  We’ve also created a set of short videos that take you through the basics of creating video for human rights advocacy.  Though this training doesn’t yet formally include how to create multimedia packages for human rights advocacy, we’re always on the look-out for good examples of multimedia advocacy and training that we can learn from and share (Chris is particularly watchful).

Of the recent pieces I’ve watched, this behind-the-scenes look at a recent training by MediaStorm, one of the world’s most respected multimedia reporting outfits, was one of the best put-together, and works as a nice introduction to the process of multimedia reporting. [Click the image below to launch the video in a new window.]

Brian Storm

[UPDATE paragraph]  MediaStorm has been working on some very nifty pieces with the Council on Foreign Relations, notably a new series of multimedia launchpads into global governance issues, starting with nuclear nonproliferation (coinciding with President Obama’s talks in Russia).

So where are we headed in this arena?  Earlier this year, Tina Singleton attended the BAVC Producers’ Institute, and which connects those used to doing more linear documentary work with multimedia methods of storytelling to create new kinds of layered, multi-platform work (BAVC’s Wendy Levy kindly asked Tina and me to screen proposals for this year – a very interesting process).  We’ll be collaborating with them more deeply next year – more on this and other initiatives later.  In the meantime, we’ll keep highlighting important multimedia work that finds new ways to tell familiar human rights stories.

That’s where you can help…  Have you seen other great examples of multimedia reporting on human rights?  Essential training videos explaining how to do multimedia reporting?  Let us know via the comments box below.



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