Stolen ballots in Zimbabwe – video from The Guardian

[Originally published here on the WITNESS Hub Blog.]

How does ballot-stealing in Zimbabwe work? British newspaper the Guardian smuggled a camera to a Zimbabwean prison officer in the run-up to the recent election run-off in Zimbabwe to find out.

Shepherd Yuda records secretly as he and his colleagues are forced to vote for Robert Mugabe as one of his lieutenants watches.

Yuda puts it starkly:

This country has become a boiling pot where only stones can survive.

Read more:
Zimbabwe resources from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.
Kubatana has extensive resources on Zimbabwe here.

Take action with Avaaz now.

NB – The Guardian does not currently permit embeds of its videos, so we have illustrated this post with Al Jazeera’s use of the footage. If you would like to see the original Guardian piece, click here. More from the Guardian here and here.


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