Ndesanjo in Metro: “Now the terrorists have seized the front page, who will tell Africa anything at all?”

[Originally published on Panos London’s AfricaVox here.]

A day of high contrast for Ndesanjo, with the relief of finally getting down to business in Gleneagles overshadowed by the attacks on London yesterday.

And I thought, wait a minute, why do the leaders of the world’s most advanced ‘democracies’ meet so far away from the people they represent? Had they committed some heinous crime? […] And then Thursday morning, ordinary people going to work, picking up groceries, touring London, bore the brunt of someone’s anger against the G8, while the leaders themselves were caged safely away.

Machrine posted for yesterday’s Metro, making a vow to cover climate change when she gets back to Uganda, and her first ever article on this subject asks, Is Africa Burning?


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